Our Fellows are designers, planners, developers, public officials, scholars, activists, lawyers and journalists building dynamic, equitable, and resilient cities around the world.

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God's Business: Religion and Development in New York City 

Stephen Cassell joins a panel to ask how architects can best serve religious institutions as their financial and urban roles evolve.

June Williamson Lecture 

June Williams lectures at the University of Notre Dame's School of Architecture.

Where the Robot Meets the Road 

Corinne Kisner joins a panel to consider how cities can reconcile the threat Uber and autonomous vehicles pose for public transport infrastructure.

2017 Happold Foundation Lecture 

Kate Ascher explores the physical and social consequences of climate change, compares community responses, and asks: Is rebuilding the answer?


James Von Klemperer looks at innovative podium design, and Blake Middleton speaks about the passive house principles of "The House" at Cornell Tech during the Facades+ Symposium.

Converging Territories 

Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi provide an overview of their recent work and introduce their current project, The Bridge, at Cornell Tech's Roosevelt Island Campus.

RPA Assembly 

Tom Wright and Vishaan Chakrabarti examine economic opportunity, climate change and global competition in the tri-state area.

Smart Cities NYC '17 

Tom Wright, Adrian Benepe and Jerry Hultin speak at the first conference and expo on the intersection of technology and urban life.

Riverside Park Conversancy Spring Gala 

The Riverside Park Conservancy will honor Charles McKinney, the first Riverside Park Administrator and former Principal Urban Designer for NYC Parks, at their Spring Gala.